It is my pleasure to welcome you to Johnson Pond Learning Center. Johnson Pond Learning Center is committed to high standards in Early Childhood Education. We provide low teacher to child ratios, frequent and positive interaction between teachers and children, and developmentally appropriate activities and expectations. It is our goal to provide an environment where children are welcomed, nurtured, and respected. Self-esteem runs high with our children who receive praise for their many academic and personal achievements. Our professional staff, with their strong interpersonal skills and knowledge in child development, work together to create an atmosphere that is inviting to children and conducive to learning. As Director, it is my role and privilege to guide and facilitate, to observe and lead, and to maintain the quality of this Early Childhood Program. I invite you to observe and interact, to listen and to talk, and to become an active part of your child’s experience here at Johnson Pond Learning Center. I welcome you and your family to our Johnson Pond Learning Center family.

Yours truly,

Laurie Morrison

Our Mission

Johnson Pond Learning Center is dedicated to guiding children to make good choices, develop high self-esteem, receive and show respect through words, actions and treatment of self, others and the environment, learn tolerance, and make positive contributions to the community.  We prize each child as an individual. Our curriculum focuses on learning through discovery and play.  Theme based lessons are hands-on and provide children
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Our Philosophy

That a quality early childhood education creates the foundation for future learning successes. That learning to communicate with peers within a structured environment, and on a social level, is necessary for young children. That respect for self, others, and the environment is something that is taught and earned.  Learned at an early age, this provides children with the tools they need to be a
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Our Goals

To provide children with a safe, stimulating, nurturing environment. To create an environment that encourages independence and good decision-making. To provide children with experiences that promote positive growth and high self-esteem. To provide children with a foundation with which they can build future successes. To successfully blend school, family, and community. To enable children to interact and solve conflicts with peers in a positive
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